Syner-Tech Process Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Syner-Tech has answered a few of your most frequently asked questions below.

I have my own staff, what advantage does your service offer?

Clients obtain focused results, drawing on our extensive, broad experience and demonstrated effectiveness. We deliver solutions, without pre-conceptions that may bias in-house personnel. We are experts in the areas of the services we provide; for other needs, we can draw on the resources of our extensive network of expert associates.

How can I afford your services?

Our emphasis is on providing high benefit/cost ratio, leveraging your technologies and investments. We provide only the services you require, in a timely fashion. Contracts can be set up on a time & materials basis, flat-fee, or incentive-clause basis.

How can you help my bottom line?

We help you to develop, commercialize, or improve your processes by applying practical engineering knowledge, innovative design, and extensive scale-up and trouble-shooting experience. Please refer to our Services and Successes pages for examples.

I'm a business person, not a technologist. Why do I need Syner-Tech's services?

While our expertise is in process technology, our focus is on the client's bottom line. We provide you with the technical and economic knowledge you need to make informed business decisions. We can help you to evaluate the commercial feasibility of new processes. For existing operations, we identify opportunities to increase capacity, productivity, reduce costs, and minimize wastes, translating into more profits while minimizing investment. Please refer to our Successes page for examples.

I have a new concept I developed in the lab. What do I need to do to get into production?

While each situation is unique, most development follows a common path to commercialization. Please contact us to discuss your situation. The first two hours of consultation are at no charge, and without obligation.

There are lots of chemical / process engineers out there; what's so special about Syner-Tech?

In addition to our technical skills, Syner-Tech has a unique breadth of practical industrial experience with all of the technical and business functions required to take a laboratory concept to a successful commercial process or product. We facilitate communications between R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Business personnel. This lets us apply our expertise to shorten and focus your development cycle and identify high-value process improvements. We have a proven record of performance and innovation, and a network of expert associates to augment our skills when needed.

I've never heard of Syner-Tech. How long have you been consulting? What are your qualifications?

Syner-Tech has been providing professional, cost-effective technical consulting services to its clients since 1997. Please refer to our Expertise, or contact us for references.

What is your availability?

We are flexible in accommodating clients' needs. Often, the bulk of our activities can be handled remotely via electronic means, freeing-up clients' time and resources, while minimizing travel expenses. Please contact us to set up an appointment.