Syner-Tech Process Consulting

Consulting Services

Syner-Tech Process Consulting offers a wide variety of services to best suit your company's needs.

Our Services
1. Evaluation of commercial and technical feasibility, and identification of development needs based on preliminary concepts and R&D data.

2. Identification of improvement opportunities for plant operations, capacity, and productivity.

3. Scale-up of developmental processes to commercial-scale designs.

4. Development of conceptual designs, process flow diagrams, material and energy balances, piping and instrumentation diagrams.

5. Specification and selection of process equipment.

6. Technical support and assistance in trouble-shooting start-ups and operating process units.

7. Pilot plant design, experimental program guidance, and data analysis.

8. Formulation and development of water-in-oil microemulsion compositions and delivery systems.

Benefits to Clients

Syner-Tech Process has proven benefits for its clients in the polymer and chemical industries.

Our Benefits
1. Achieve commercial feasibility - turn laboratory procedures into profitable processes.

2. Get to market faster by shortening the process development cycle.

3. Identify and avoid unprofitable ventures.

4. Get the needed know-how, quickly - draw on over thirty years of experience and expertise.

5. Cost-effective : leverage our expertise into commercialization.

6. Save money on process design and development costs : use only the engineering resources needed, without the overhead of full-time staff.

7. Focused innovation - use our real-world experience to guide your R&D efforts to get the information you really need.

8. Enhance proprietary positions and intellectual property - draw on our experience to turn ideas into patentable innovations.

9. Increase profitability - our global approach to process improvement and optimization can uncover hidden opportunities.